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Our Journey

Our Values

  • Trusted

    We are self-motivated and dependable. We are trusted to manage our own schedule and priorities. We can choose to work from home but are sensitive to team dynamics and being present for others. Our teammates trust us to give them direct and honest feedback. Our customers and users trust us to use their data for good.

  • Nimble

    We build and test things with customers early, we learn quickly and we iterate fast. We accept that it’s normal for things to go wrong but we work hard to correct issues we encounter. We are natural optimists and believe it is always possible to succeed.

  • Self-Aware

    We have a strong desire to learn and continuously improve –we seek out feedback from others and use it to develop ourselves positively. We are open and show and share personal weakness in order to overcome it. We don’t take ourselves too seriously!

  • Compassionate

    We are focused on achieving our social mission. We have a genuine care for our users and we are quick to spot when team mates need help. In moments of difficulty we remain calm and collected, allowing us to find the best solution: we don’t let our judgement be clouded by personal anger, stress or worry.

  • Truth Seeking

    We always look through blockers and challenges to get to the fundamental issues and truths of a situation. We are not afraid to challenge authority. We may have strong opinions, but we hold them lightly and listen to others. We pride ourselves in our ability to sensitively and directly speak the truth to each other and our customers. Wherever we are or whomever we are talking to we are clear: the best idea always wins.

Workplace & culture

Our Perks

What you can expect from us in return for your good work

  • Quarterly Company Retreats

    Regular overnight stays with team building and entertainment. One of our retreats a year lasts for an entire week and we typically go abroad!

  • Work From Home Equipment

    We will cover the costs of an ergonomic set-up for your home office workspace.

  • Learning & Development

    We are always pushing for L&D, you will be assigned your own budget, monthly books & career development coaching.

  • Share Options

    Share Options form a part of your compensation package. All of us have a piece of our success.

  • Matching Charity Donations

    Movember Challenge, Annual Auction of Promises for donations to the Mind charity and other initiatives will be organised throughout the year.

  • Access to ThanksBen

    Our benefits platform provides you with plenty of discounts as well as access to coaching, yoga, nutrition, exercise and other sessions for free.

  • Hybrid Working

    At Switchee we work in the New Hybrid way. You will be remote-first with an ability to get a desk space in our central office at Somerset House, London.

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